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Specials Curriculum


Week of May 4th:

Homemade Scratch Drawings

This was one of my favorite things to do as a kid! And this is a great idea for parents who have a lot of old crayons that are down to stubs. Basically, they just have to apply the crayon heavily so it builds up a waxy layer. Any sharp object can be used to scratch with. I recommend the large sized paperclips as they’re a little more sturdy than the smaller ones. But tacks and very small screwdrivers work, too! The best part is that if they do something they don’t like, they can color over it with black and try again.

Shadow Puppets

This is a great opportunity to teach students about the element of art called shape, as well as some basic photography composition. Kids can use any type of paper they want. The best for this would be black construction paper. But if they don’t have that, the front or back cover of a magazine or even condensed cardboard cereal boxes will work. First, cut out and design some kind of creature. Then tape it to a string or a pencil. Shine a lamp or flashlight to the creature against a wall and snap a picture.

Famous Laundry Art

Students can use clothes – old t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants – to compose a famous painting! The best part is that nothing is cut and therefore nothing gets wasted. The first step is for students to do a bit of research on famous, recognizable paintings. I recommend they pick ones with bold shapes and basic colors. This is a great opportunity to send them through a virtual museum tour. Many art museums have online tours students can take.


Week of April 6:


Week of May 26th:

This week is for YOU the PARENTS

Kick your kids outside for these fun activities. Do remember they are still needing to practice safe protocols right now.

Riding a bicycle around town
Playing basketball outside
Cornhole if you have it
Throw a football/baseball
Sidewalk chalk
Play in the sprinkler
Jump on a trampoline
Play in the pool
Water balloon fight.

The important thing is to get them outside while it is nice out and not too hot yet.

For those days where you really want them outside and need a break after all these weeks of being locked in. Here’s some extra tips that my parents used on me, great for exercise as well, of high importance on my priority list when picking these activities.

Mow the lawn
Sweep out the garage
Vacuum the house and stairs
Take out the garbage
Clean their room, any other cluttered space
Washing the car by hand! (My personal favorite)

Again, getting them moving and active is my priority, helping you have some of the chores done is a bonus for you. It gives them more incentive to get outside and be kid in the nice weather and enjoy the above activities.