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Platte County School District #2 serves about 230 students in grades K-12 and a community of about 1150. It is our mission to create a safe, respectful and collaborative learning community that includes teachers, parents and students.

Using Learning Communities as a model, we are working to create an environment that fosters learning by students, staff and parents. Working in a collaborative manner and using the synergy of all the members of the community, we are working to develop stronger instruction, clearer assessment and better remediation for all of our students. It is hoped that in this manner we can best increase the achievement of all our students.

Small classes and a staff willing to go the extra mile for students are key factors in our success. We will continue to be a progressive school district, using research and technology to support and promote learning in the classroom.  Using grant funds, we have trained staff in the use of  technology to deliver standards-based instruction and continue to seek   ways to increase technology use to improve student achievement. Our students learn to feel comfortable with technology and see it as a tool to foster learning and help them compete successfully in a global society.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will continue to visit to check for updates.  If you get a chance, stop by to see all the great things happening in the district. Platte County School District #2 is committed to providing an outstanding education for all of our students.

 – Mike Beard, Superintendent of Schools

Sept. 24th 6 – 7:30 – Tips and Tricks for Communicating with your Children

Dr. Scambler will be here to meet with parents and share some research based strategies on how to best communicate and have conversation with your children.

Stakeholder Survey

Please take a moment to complete our stakeholder survey in preparation for accreditation. The survey will close on September 30th. ALL Stakeholders are encouraged to respond (parents, community members, teachers, students, school board members). Please see Mrs. Sisson if you have any questions!

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2019-20 Calendar is Out!

Fritzie Walsh – Classified Staff Member of the Year

Matt Hebbert – PCSD#2 Teacher of the Year