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We believe that students in Platte County School District #2 should profit from their learning experience so that, using their acquired knowledge they can, with guidance, give responsible direction to their own lives as contributing members of society. To accomplish this, we must help develop each individual to their fullest in the District’s common core of knowledge and skills.

Developing community/parental support and involvement in this process will offer the best education to students in Platte County School District #2.


The mission of Platte County School District #2 is to improve the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of each learner, empowering individuals to grow into responsible, productive, global citizens.

Platte County School Board of Trustee members are taxpayers, parents, business people, community residents and school volunteers. They all share a deep commitment to providing a sound education to all young people living in the district.

The five members of the Platte County School District #2 Board of Trustees are elected at large from within the district geographic areas for four year terms. They represent parents of district students as well as residents without children in school. Board members serve without pay and contribute many hours each month to fulfilling their responsibilities.

As the policy-making body, the Board is responsive to community values and needs while acting within the framework of state and federal laws. Board members are responsible for:

  • Education planning and appraisal
  • Instructional programs, curriculum and assessment
  • Personnel
  • Budget/finance resources
  • School facilities
  • Communication with the public

The Board employs the Superintendent of Schools to provide leadership to staff, implement policy and manage the day-to-day operation of the district.

School Board to Public Minutes

School Board Policies

Current School Board Members

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson



Sarah Seyfang

Sarah Seyfang

Vice Chairman


Blaine Ayers

Blaine Ayers



Shawna Reichert

Shawna Reichert



Kevin Gross

Kevin Gross


Platte County School Board Vision Statement

We are absolutely committed to preparing each student for the future.

We commit to do the following things in order to help us become the school that we want to become.

  • We will be positive and enthusiastic in exhibiting and demonstrating a strong work ethic.
  • We will be respectful to everyone.
  • We will be flexible, accommodating and collaborative.
  • We will be caring to every student and each other.
  • We will have high expectations with consistency, fairness and integrity.