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Student Support Referral Form

Welcome to the Guernsey-Sunrise Student Support Department. Please utilize the useful student and parent resources as well as the information about our department you find on this webpage. If you have suggestions for what you would find helpful on the Student Support web page, please send me an email at jraser@gsviking.org. Below you’ll find an outline of our department goals. Student Support Specialists work toward these goals for students through classroom based or large group sessions and small support groups for students. Students Support Specialists may also work individually with students to assist them in solving problems and coping with situations that may be affecting school performance. Student Support Specialists may also meet with students with special needs to provide services related to individualized student goals.

Academic Goals

  1. To help students understand themselves as learners and encourage them to develop skills that will enable them to reach their academic potential.
  2. To utilize a variety of measures to assess student academic performance.
  3. To identify factors that impact learning and determine a course of action to provide appropriate support.

Career Goals

  1. To help students choose and advance in a program that will enable them to reach their future academic and career goals, as well as assisting them with scholarship and post secondary opportunities and information.
  2. To provide students with the opportunity to assess personal interests and aptitudes in relation to career interest.
  3. To help students discover the world of work through various career resources and exposure to a broad spectrum of careers.


1. To assist students to develop positive interpersonal relationship skills involving respect for diversity and cultural competence. 2. To assist students to be aware of one’s beliefs and interests and to develop a positive self-image. 3. To assist students in developing resiliency and effective coping skills. 4. To assist students to develop appropriate problem-solving and decision making skills to resolve conflicts and to accept responsibility for their choices.


All seniors at Guernsey-Sunrise High School have access to a Google classroom created by the school counselor. Each scholarship that comes across the counselor’s desk or email finds its way to the Google classroom. Please visit with your senior regarding access to the Google classroom, as access is limited to the students through their gsviking.org email account. Additionally, you will find links below to each of the Wyoming community colleges, the University of Wyoming and other nearby colleges, as well as links to some helpful scholarship resources.