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Lisa Schuldies

Lisa Schuldies

At-Risk Coordinator


Jennifer Bruns

Jennifer Bruns

At-Risk Teacher


The At-Risk program at Guernsey Sunrise schools is a program funded through Title 1, Part D, Subpart 2 of the Federal Title One funds program.

This program provides opportunities for children ages 5-18 who are enrolled at Guernsey-Sunrise schools. The program starts with screening, either through Developmental screenings for our incoming Kindergarteners, to the many District level assessments like DIBELS, STAR and MAPPS and even the use of the State Assessment system. The students are screened and assessed for any services we can provide through our program. The program does not stop there, the program provides supplemental instruction, small group instruction and even one on one support inside and outside of the classroom.

Students that are identified as at risk are progressed monitored and evaluated on a cycle to ensure quality of services and the needs of the students. All at risk students are placed on Individual Learning plans and monitored with the help of the at risk coordinator, at risk teacher and the classroom teachers.

Through these efforts we have been able to identify and support hundreds of students in their learning at our school. This program allows for us to maintain graduation and completion rates and works hand in hand with the support of the stakeholders in our community.

The at risk program also provides opportunities for secondary level students to regain eligibility for athletics and activities, for students to recover lost credit, and for students to attend academic skills labs to improve academic skills. The instruction is often in small groups and driven by a focus for opening doors for students.

At risk students also have the same opportunities in our academic classes and often learn skills to be successful in the world of work and college. Our at risk students work with the guidance counselor and meet regularly with a team to track progress on achieving goals for success.

All students who are new to our school go through a screening process to determine if they are at risk, and meetings are conducted to create a plan for their entry into our school.

If you would like more information on our at risk program, or have a student you believe would benefit from these services, contact Mrs. Schuldies to set up an appointment so we can visit. The at risk department believes that early intervention and identification are the keys to success at our school.

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