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Guernsey-Sunrise Elementary Title I Program

Jeremy Dietchman

Jeremy Dietchman

Title 1 Director


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Stephanie Smith

Title 1 Teacher


Kyla Pierce

Kyla Pierce

Title 1 Teacher


Guernsey-Sunrise Elementary has been approved by the state for the designation as a Schoolwide Title I program for the 2020-2021 school year. Previously we were a Targeted Assistance Title I program. You may have noticed some changes last year as it was our transition year. As a Schoolwide Title I program we are allowed to offer more comprehensive assistance to students, rather than requiring students to be identified for services as in the past. Schoolwide programs serve all the children in our elementary school, allowing us to promote the academic achievement of students who are struggling before the need becomes significant.

Classroom teachers and Title I staff are working to provide timely assistance in all subject areas, and using data to work on instruction in which students are needing the most reinforcement. Through our Schoolwide Title I grant we can provide:

  • High quality instruction at all learning tiers
  • Systematic Interventions that are research and evidence based
  • Time within our schedule to implement interventions so students aren’t pulled out during core instruction
  • Options for professional development for all staff to improve strategies and methods
  • Lower student to teacher ratios during reading and math for more intense and differentiated assistance (many groups are only 3-5 students per teacher)
  • Consolidated use of funds to benefit all students

Some students may simply need more time and increased instruction to succeed. If they continue to need more support, the regular instructor will work with theTitle I staff to decide who is most qualified to give the assistance they need. It is possible that the student may stay with the classroom teacher, go with another classroom teacher, or receive the assistance from the Title I personnel. The schoolwide model permits us to make those decisions based on what is best and most responsive for each student. 

Parents will be notified by their students’ classroom teacher as to their need for assistance. If the progress of the student is a concern to our team, the child will be tracked through the Response to Intervention (RTI) protocol. Your child’s teacher can also provide you with information on RTI. Here are some ways parents & guardians can be involved in Title I services:

  • Discuss with the classroom teacher the level of assistance your child is receiving
  • If they are receiving frequent assistance from Title I, you’re encouraged to discuss this with the Title I teachers, Mrs. Garner and Mrs. Frederick
  • Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities and meetings

We are excited to deliver the expanded services to our students. Our staff and our school board have voted to support this effort wholeheartedly because of the many benefits to our students. As we finalize this transition, we welcome your feedback and suggestions regarding our Title I services. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Tracy Pare, Assistant Principal and Title I Director


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