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Liesl Sisson

Liesl Sisson

Principal - District School Improvement Representative


Empower lifelong learning with Project CRISS

  • Empower learners to be engaged, metacognitive, and strategic.
  • Empower parents to support student learning at all grade levels.
  • Empower teachers with practical tools to facilitate high level thinking.
  • Empower coaches and other teacher leaders to support reflective teaching and learning.
  • Empower administrators to be effective instructional leaders.

With over 30 years of experience connecting research to instruction, Project CRISS provides high quality, practical professional development and support materials for K-16 teaching and learning. CRISS implementation supports rigorous 21st Century Standards and complements the Danielson Framework, growth mindset, project-based learning, deeper learning, and other education initiatives while validating the dedication, knowledge, and experience of educators.

Link to CRISS website: http://www.projectcriss.com/

Guernsey-Sunrise Instructional/Learning Framework:
1) PREPARE for Learning
        A. Determine Background Knowledge
        B. Set Purposes
        C. Analyze Author’s Craft
2) ENGAGE with content and TRANSFORM Information
        A. Write
        B. Discuss
        C. Visualize
        D. Organize
3) REFLECT on Learning