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Liesl Sisson

Liesl Sisson

Principal - District School Improvement Representative


Platte County School District #2 provides as well as supports and empowers their employees to seek out high quality professional development opportunities. PCSD#2 believes this is an important component of a high quality organization. Continuous training and improvement of staff will improve the overall service to our students. With common professional development comes a common language and focused goals. Professional development activities will be focused on the goals established by the district through the strategic planning process, needs assessment, district improvement goals, and each school improvement plan. The focus of any professional development activity that is selected will be to improve student academic achievement in the goal areas.

Additionally, the district provides ongoing training for all classified staff, administration and school board members. This training is directly linked to the district strategic plan.

Professional Development Dates for the 2022-2023 School Year:

August 17th
August 18th
August 19th
August 22nd
October 10th
November 4th
January 16th
April 3rd
April 10th
May 30th

The following topics will be the focus of the PD days throughout the year:

Keys to Literacy – keys to beginning reading and Vocabulary
Into Math curriculum adoption and implementation strategies with onsite professional development
CPI Training
Department Curriculum alignment
School Level RTI/MTSS