FA 11.1 Creative expression through production students create, perform, exhibit, or participate in the arts.

FA 11.1.1 Students select, use, and combine artistic elements, principles, technical skills, and materials to produce artistic works and achieve desired goals.

FA 11.1.2 Students refine artistic skills and develop self-discipline through rehearsal (theatre, music, and dance), practice, and revision.

FA 11.1.3 Students collaborate with others in the creative artistic process.

FA 11.2. AESTHETIC PERCEPTIONVALUING Students process, analyze, respond to, and make informed judgments about the Arts.

FA 11.2.1 Students recognize, describe, and analyze how technical, organizational and artistic elements and principals contribute to the ideas, quality, and effectiveness communicated by the art form.

FA 11.2.2 Students state preferences for individual artistic works and provide rationale for those preferences based on an analysis of artistic elements, principles, and personal experiences.

FA 11.2.3 Students use new and traditional materials, tools, techniques, and technologies to investigate and evaluate artistic works.

FA 11.2.4 Students analyze and communicate how aesthetic, organizational, and technical elements contribute to the ideas, emotions, and overall impact of artistic works.

FA 11.3 HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL CONTEXT Students demonstrate an understanding of the Arts in relation to history, cultures, and contemporary society.

FA 11.3.1 Students describe and explain distinguishing features of an art form in the context of its history and culture.

FA ll.3.2 Students explain the relationships between the Arts and historical, cultural and contemporary concepts or events. Students then analyze the impact of these relationships.

FA 11.4 APPLICATIONS TO LIFE Students connect and relate the Arts to other disciplines and to society.

FA 11.4.1 Students demonstrate appropriate behavior for the context and style of art presented.

FA ll.4.2 Students identify and explain interrelated concepts among the Arts, other disciplines, and society.

FA ll.4.3 Students identify skills used in vocational, cultural, and recreational opportunities in the Arts.