CV 11.1 RESOURCES Students effectively manage time, money, materials, work space, and human resources.

CV 11.1.1 Students prepare and analyze personal or business financial information.

CV 11.1.2 Students assess individual skills, evaluate and adjust their performance accordingly .

CV 11.1.3 Students prioritize and manage time, materials, work space, and resources to set and achieve goals.

CV 11.2 INTERPERSONAL SKILLS Students acquire and demonstrate interpersonal skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.

CV 11.2.1 Students work with individuals/groups of diverse abilities and backgrounds in a workplace setting.

CV 11.2.2 Students communicate using a variety of methods in a workplace setting.

CV 11.2.3 Students assume a leadership role in a group setting to accomplish group goals.

CV 11.2.4 Students demonstrate and/or teach a learned skill.

CV 11.3 INFORMATION Students acquire and use workplace information.

CV 11.3.1 Students acquire and evaluate workplace information.

CV 11.3.2 Students organize and update workplace information.

CV 11.3.3 Students interpret and communicate workplace information.

CV 11.3.4 Students use technology to process workplace information.

CV 11.4 SYSTEMS Students demonstrate an understanding of how social, organizational and technological systems work.

CV 11.4.1 Students evaluate the quality and performance of a variety of systems.

CV 11.4.2 Students suggest modifications to existing systems and develop new or alternative ideas for systems to improve performance.

CV 11.5 TECHNOLOGY Students demonstrate the ability to use a variety of workplace technologies.

CV 11.5.1 Students choose and utilize procedures, tools or equipment, including computers and related technologies.

CV 11.5.2 Students demonstrate proper procedure for set-up, operation, and routine maintenance of workplace equipment.

CV 11.5.3 Students use workplace equipment to solve problems.

CV 11.5.4 Students apply safe and ethical practices when using workplace technologies.

CV 11.6 CAREERS Students develop skills in career planning and workplace readiness.

CV 11.6.1 Students interpret information from a variety of self-assessments to identify career interests, abilities, personal traits, and work values.

CV 11.6.2 Students locate and interpret career information and labor market trends from a variety of sources.

CV 11.6.3 Students create, evaluate, and revise career plans.

CV 11.6.4 Students demonstrate skills to seek, obtain, maintain and change jobs.